[b-hebrew] Can YHWH at Genesis 3:14 [ in Codex L. ] be "correctly" read as"Yehowah"? [ RE TITLED MESSAGE]

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This Message was previous titled: Can YHWH at Genesis 3:14 be "correctly"
read as"Jehovah"?  
It is now titled:_

[B-Hebrew] Can YHWH at Genesis 3:14 be "correctly" read as"Yehovah"?  

On Sun Jun 27 10:32:59 EDT 2010  Yigal Levin leviny1 at mail.biu.ac.il 
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Dave, Second, your insisting on the spelling "Jehovah" is confusing the
How do you pronounce the J in this word? 
As English J or as Y.
If as J, what's your evidence that Hebrew ever had that sound? 
If as Y, then let's make things simpler and use "Yehovah". 
The same with the V. Do you actually mean W? 
Is your whole issue here between "Yahweh" and "Yehowah"? 
Are you only debating Gesenius' vowels? 


I have no problem with this issue being titled:

[b-hebrew] Can YHWH at Genesis 3:14 be  be "correctly" read as"Yehowah"? 

But at this time will it cause a problem in the b-hebrew filing system?

In my reply to you

I added [RETITTLED MESSAGE], but I suspect that that may create problems
to the filing system.

 Yigal, you also said:
The Mesoretes used different vowels when intending the readers to read
different substitution-names, 
each of which has a different meaning, 
a different aspect of the divine. 

You can argue with the Mesoretes, but please make the issue clear.


Dave responds,

If by any chance, there are 8 different substitution names,
one  for each of the variants of YHWH found in the Leningrad Codex,
would you explain what these 8 names are?

Dave Donnelly

P.S. After the change you recommended was made,
I think my main issue is,
Did God ever want to be called "Yehowah"?
Did the Masoretes ever want the Jewish reader to read God's name as

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My question is: Can the Tetragrammaton at Genesis 3:14 in the Westminster
Leningrad Codex be correctly read as "Jehovah"?


At Genesis 3:14 , in the  Westminster Leningrad Codex , the only
occurrence of the Tetragrammaton is spelled [Yod-shewa-heh-defective

Is it correct to read this particular Hebrew Spelling as "Jehovah"?

Did the Masoretes ever write that [Yod-shewa-heh-defective
holem-waw-qamets-heh] should not be read as "Jehovah"?
The Hebrew word that immediately follows [Yod-shewa-heh-defective
holem-waw-qamets-he] appears to be Elohim [a.k.a. Elohiym].

Dave Donnelly
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