[b-hebrew] Reading Jehovah in Psalm 16:2 and in Psalm 110:1

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B-Hebrew does not espouse a particular dogma about the vocalization of the
Tetragrammaton, nor does in even enforce a particular scheme of
transliteration. If anyone wishes to use "Jehovah" they are free to do so,
just as others may use Yahweh, Yhwh, Yehovah, Lord, Kurios, Baal or even
Bruce Almighty. I answered your original question by saying that I assumed
that whoever used "Jehovah" simply didn't bother to change whatever source
they had copied from, and that the reason that no-one protested was that the
subject had already been discussed to death. You've now made your point. If
you want to know why someone else used one form or another, ask them
directly. If they feel like answering, they will. If they don't feel like
discussing the issue, please respect that. 

Yigal Levin

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I felt that something new was involved in this issue, 
because two separate members of  B-Hebrew had used the word "Jehovah", 
when commenting on both Psalm 110:1 and on Psalm 16:2 

It was my understanding that specific rules were established by the
that did not allow reading "Jehovah" , 
when [Yod-shewa-he-defective holem-waw-qamates-he] occurred in the Hebrew

Now it my understanding that [Yod-shewa-he-defective
occurs in neither Psalm 110:1 nor in Psalm 16:2

I was hoping that some member of B-Hebrew would explain 
what Hebrew word that is found in Psalm:110:1 can be rendered as
what Hebrew Word that occurs in Psalm 16:2 can be rendered as  "Jehovah"

It is  my opinion that that is a legitimate question that could,
and should be answered on B-Hebrew.

It is my opinion that the answer to that question would help me immensely

in understanding how the 5 variants of YHWH 
[other than Hebrew Word #3036] 
that occur in the Leningrad Codex, should be rendered in the English

Is is settled that [Yod-shewa-he-defective holem-waw-qamates-he] 
should never be rendered as "Jehovah, by a Jewish reader, 
no matter what other circumstances exist, in the Hebrew Text.

Dave Donnelly


Is it acceptable to use  the term "Hebrew Word # 3068 on B-Hebrew?

Is it acceptable to use [Yod-shewa-he-defective holem-waw-qamets-he] on
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