[b-hebrew] Reading Jehovah in Psalm 16:2 and in Psalm 110:1

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Please comment on the issue and not on Dave's knowledge of Hebrew. 
If you feel that there's nothing more to say on the matter - don't. 

Dave, we've had this discussion before. 
If you have anything new to say - please do. 
If you have a point to make - make it. 

If not, the thread is closed.

Yigal Levin
Co-moderator, B-Hebrew


I felt that something new was involved in this issue, 
because two separate members of  B-Hebrew had used the word "Jehovah", 
when commenting on both Psalm 110:1 and on Psalm 16:2 

It was my understanding that specific rules were established by the
that did not allow reading "Jehovah" , 
when [Yod-shewa-he-defective holem-waw-qamates-he] occurred in the Hebrew

Now it my understanding that [Yod-shewa-he-defective
occurs in neither Psalm 110:1 nor in Psalm 16:2

I was hoping that some member of B-Hebrew would explain 
what Hebrew word that is found in Psalm:110:1 can be rendered as
what Hebrew Word that occurs in Psalm 16:2 can be rendered as  "Jehovah"

It is  my opinion that that is a legitimate question that could,
and should be answered on B-Hebrew.

It is my opinion that the answer to that question would help me immensely

in understanding how the 5 variants of YHWH 
[other than Hebrew Word #3036] 
that occur in the Leningrad Codex, should be rendered in the English

Is is settled that [Yod-shewa-he-defective holem-waw-qamates-he] 
should never be rendered as "Jehovah, by a Jewish reader, 
no matter what other circumstances exist, in the Hebrew Text.

Dave Donnelly


Is it acceptable to use  the term "Hebrew Word # 3068 on B-Hebrew?

Is it acceptable to use [Yod-shewa-he-defective holem-waw-qamets-he] on
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