[b-hebrew] Reading Jehovah in Psalm 16:2 and in Psalm 110:1

davedonnelly1 at juno.com davedonnelly1 at juno.com
Wed Jun 23 17:30:23 EDT 2010

Hi again James:

In your previous questioning of my position on the vocalization /
translation of YHWH
[ while not volunteering any information of  what your positions was],
you specifically asked me: which vocalization/translation did I support?

In my own personal viewpoint, I presently have no real position on the
vocalization / translation of YHWH.
I think that I have basically told you 2-3 times that that was my
but you were not happy with my answer.

[It would seem to me that the only valid transliteration of YHWH,
would have to be a transliteration of an accurately vocalized Hebrew
Spelling of YHWH.]

James, if you show me an accurate vocalized Hebrew Spelling of YHWH,
I feel that I'd feel comfortable saying that my position was to believe
that that accurately vocalized Hebrew Spelling of YHWH accurately
represented the actual spelling of the name of the God of Israel. 

James, would you answer your own question, in your own words,
so that I might know what your position is on the vocalization /
translation of  YHWH.

Could you possibly help me to know your position as to whether or not 
those two members of B-hebrew made any type of error 
when they used  "Jehovah" twice" when speaking about Psalm 110:1 and

Please feel free to discuss in detail whether or not those two members of
B-hebrew did anything  wrong when they called YHWH "Jehovah", either from
your "point of view" or from "B-Hebrew's Point of view"

Hopefully, after you explain in detail your position on this issue, I
might be better prepared to answer 
your question as to what my position is on this same issue.

Thank you in advance James, for your answers on what your position is on
this issue.

Dave Donnelly

On Wed Jun 23 15:07:00 EDT 2010 James Christian wrote

Hi Dave, 

I still don't see you stating a position of any kind. Please could you
answer in the simplest of terms what your position is? The only thing
I've been able to extract from any of your responses is that you do not
any longer support the translation of Yahweh and that you believe that
scholars do not have the right to dictate what we should believe. I am
sure these observations are welcomed by whole hearted agreement by many
members of this list. However, none of this seems to be helping in any
way to understand what your position is. Your questions seem to be
formulated in a way that is indicative that you some kind of agenda but
it is not yet clear what that agenda exactly is.

I shall make one last final request. Please make a clear statement of
which translation you support. If you don't want to come straight out
with then that is fine. But don't expect me to continue participation in
a discussion which is unclear from the very outset.

James Christian
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