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1) the majority of the aleppo codex (~70%?) is extant
2) there is no evidence that any of the ms. was burned
3) cassuto's notes are far from comprehensive (i think he only spent about 20 hours with it)
4) there has been a tremendous amount of work by israeli scholars (e.g., mordechai breuer, jordan penkower, yosef ofer, etc.) in reconstructing the missing parts by studying various external witnesses to the codex
5) iirc, the aleppo codex matches not only its own massorah pretty well, but also of a composite masorah/mesirah.
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> Yes, that is why the Aleppo Codex is acknowledged as the premier
> ms., over Leningrad. Unfortunately, 90% of Aleppo Torah was burned
> or lost in 1947-48, but the rest is intact, and Cassuto had made
> collocational notes on the text before it burned.
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