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Hi Karl
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The Torah scrolls that we read from in synagogue are unpointed text, with
no vowels or musical notes, so the ability to read a passage from a
scroll is a valuable skill, and usually requires substantial advance
preparation (reviewing the passage in a text with points). See Hebrew
Alphabet for more on pointed and unpointed texts.
In 2010 in both synagogues in Israel as well as synagogues in the United
States, would the Torah scrolls be likely to be unpointed?
Dave Donnelly
K Randolph kwrandolph at gmail.com 
Tue Jun 15 02:37:18 EDT 2010 
Let’s use the example of Proverbs 1:19.

The first step, strip away the points. The points were not original are
sometimes wrong. Even if they are wrong as few as 1% of the time, that is
too often for me. From a seat of the pants impression, the points are
2–5% of the time. If one tries to keep to the points when they are wrong,
can lead to some real mental gymnastics. It’s no problem if the points
correct, but we can't assume that. 
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