[b-hebrew] Initial Consonant Clusters in Biblical Hebrew

George Athas George.Athas at moore.edu.au
Mon Jun 14 20:41:19 EDT 2010

Jim, you need to keep your replies MUCH shorter than you do. The fact that you feel the need to reply at such length indicates two things. Firstly, perhaps your theory is just too fragile if it needs to be massaged for so long. Secondly, you need to allow more room for others. At the moment the sheer size of your posts makes it feel like you're flailing around all over the room, forcing everyone else to stand crowded in a corner. This is simply unfair to everyone on the list. This is B-Hebrew, not B-Stinehart. So, please be more circumspect about the length and number of your replies. Give it a rest sooner than later, please.

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