[b-hebrew] Consonant versus consonant clusters

James Christian jc.bhebrew at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 14 12:25:59 EDT 2010

Hi Jim,

I had promised myself not to get involved in any more discussions with you
because they always end up in some way orienting around your geographical
theories on the patriarchal narratives. However, one thing you keep talking
about (and the only thing I'm interested in discussing with you (in complete
isolation)) is about consonant clusters of various languages.

I think this discussion really needs to be firmly grounded before you
continue any further with the list members who are willing to engage in
discussion with you. Please define consonant versus consonant cluster. Is
this merely a grapheme based discussion? Or do you have some phonetic
definition of consonant versus consonant cluster? Please make it clear to us
what exactly you mean when you differentiate between a consonant and a
consonant cluster.

Also, please (if you wish me to continue participation in the discussion)
limit your answers to a linguistic analysis of these terms without even the
slightest hint of this turning into a debate on geographical locations in
the patriarchal narratives. I so long for a linguistic discussion. It's been
so long since we've had one on b-hebrew.

James Christian

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