[b-hebrew] Initial Consonant Clusters in Biblical Hebrew

James Christian jc.bhebrew at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 13 04:24:30 EDT 2010

Hi Yitzhak,

not "likely" that there was an /sh/ either.  You and Karl and James have
> a habit of saying something is likely when really you have no evidence for
> it at all.  That's now how it works in scholarship!

Excuse me! Was that attack at me absolutely necessary? I wasn't even
participating in this discussion. Not only is your statement offensive but
completely contrary to every participation I've made in discussions on this
list. Any time I have offered a critique on your position it has been based
on data and so your statement is completely unwarranted and not only
gratuitously offensive. I think you've just made it onto my list of people
not worth bothering replying to anymore. A shame really. In the past I
enjoyed debating with you.

Anyway, I've invited list members to turn theoretical knowledge into
something practical by getting involved in working with producing a
generation grammar for b-hebrew. Of all the list members I thought could
benefit from this exercise you, with your constant theoretical statements
lacking data,  were the person I thought could benefit the most from getting
involved in such an exercise. I was more than a little disappointed to see
that instead of accepting such an invitation for an experience you could
learn from you decided to insult me in a thread I had nothing to with and no
intention of getting involved in.

James Christian

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