[b-hebrew] Dating the Book of Ruth

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 2 16:58:10 EDT 2010

   The names of the sons: "Sicky" and "Destruction" , or
 something like that in English, indicate that we are
 dealing with a crafted work of fiction here.

  The location of the Ruth in the MT indicates that
 those who made the final decision about its setting
 within the other books thought it was a late work.

    Uri Hurwitz                           Great Neck, NY

 I don't think the names in Ruth are indicative of age. I don't think they
are indicative of myth genre either. If there is a link between their
actions and their names this is perfectly explainable by their having new
names linked to their deeds. I also have no problems with these names being
given after their deaths for the sake of the story.

James Christian


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