[b-hebrew] Dating the Book of Ruth

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Hi, All:
Just curious what would constitute a "late date" for Ruth?  Post-exilic?
Ted Brownstein
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Bryant  Williams asks about the arguments for a late dating of Ruth. Since 
this goes  beyond the original thread in which it was placed, I've changed 
the subject  name. Please continue the thread here.

What do we make of some of the  personal names in Ruth:

Mahlon = 'Critically ill' (Guess what he does:  he dies!)
Chilion = 'Terminally ill' (Guess what he does: he  dies!)
Orpah = 'Back-of-the-neck girl' (Guess what she does: she turns her  back 
on Naomi)
Ruth = 'companion' (Guess what she does: she acts as Naomi's  companion)
Naomi = 'Sweetie' (She's anything but, and she knows it,  too)
Boaz = 'Strongly/Lively' (Guess what he does: he comes to the  rescue)

Should these wordplays figure in a discussion on the dating of  the book of 

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