[b-hebrew] Goodbye all

Richard aaa at endlyss.com
Sat Jul 31 20:07:47 EDT 2010

Sounds good to me. 

These altercation things come and go though. I'm sure you are well aware of the delete key and other advanced ways of filtering.

Please just ignore that guy, "keep on keeping on" here, and think about the rest of us.

I agree he gets over the top and his last post for sure should have been reprimanded. 


Richard Conaway

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  Hi Richard,

  given the low`level of discussion this list has sunk into I doubt I will reconsidering my decision any time soon. However, one point you did make really did hit home and that was that of our obligation to share knowledge and keep the Hebrew language (and Greek for that matter) alive for the sake of the continuation of objective study of the writings of the prophets.

  A short time ago I promised to prepare a toy computational grammar of B-Hebrew with the hope of stimulating interest in experimenting with and expanding with it to test it empirically. I believe this would be a very useful exercise both for myself and any who wish to join in to better understand patterns in the Hebrew language. Although, I have been busy lately and have not yet had time to get this project started I have not abandoned these plans and hopefully soon will get something started and be a position to post the odd invitation to list members to join me on line at another site in this ambitious project.

  I also have interest in constructing B-Hebrew courses and computer games that will aid the learning of B-Hebrew and hope to be able to post something to the list members some time in the near future.

  Further, like Karl, I have an interest in exploring the meanings of words and hope to get some on line resources up and running for exploring this kind of thing.

  So, please, rest assured I have not given up with B-Hebrew and helping in furthering knowledge of B-Hebrew. I've just lost faith that the B-Hebrew mailing list is a useful and productive medium for doing so. In the 10+ years that I've been frequenting the list I've seen (and been involved in) many a heated discussion but I don't think I've ever seen such direct and purposefully offensive personal attacks as I have seen lately and don't want anything to do with a mailing list with a member that is capable of such behaviour.

  James Christian

  On 31 July 2010 02:45, Richard <aaa at endlyss.com> wrote:

    Sorry but this "Goodbye" thing has always seemed very childish and
    egocentric to me.

    No, I am not a Hebrew expert but I have many interests and have been on many
    lists and have seen this behavior many times.

    Why deprive others of your much needed input, experience, and education? Why
    think only of one's own ego? Why not think of what you can do for others?

    I was very sorry when Yitzhak left as well but had these same feelings about

    It may seem and feel "oh so righteous" but in reality you are stealing from

    Richard Conaway

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    Despite our differences on how this list should be managed, I am sorry to
    see you go, as I was sorry that Yitzhak left. You were a valued contributor
    to the list. I hope that you understand that nothing that was done by the
    moderator was done out of personal spite. However I do respect your

    Kol Tuv,

    Yigal Levin

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    Goodbye all,

    it was a good list once. We used to have so many interesting and objective
    discussions. I was surprised and disappointed to see Yitzhak leave after
    being offended but have decided that I will now be following him. See you
    all. Hope the list some day turns back to what it used to be.

    James Christian
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