[b-hebrew] Goodbye all

Richard aaa at endlyss.com
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When one is posting on a public list it is just about *guaranteed* they will 
get their feelings stomped on and be disrespected sooner or later (probably 
sooner) or do the same to others in some way, shape, or form.

It's not a good thing, but this is a civilized list which the moderators 
keep well under control. And at any rate, some opposition is "good for the 
soul" both for humility and a testing and tightening up of one's views and 
beliefs. It is an opportunity for growth in order to find flaws, weaknesses, 
etc., in our views and/or our communication of our views, a deeper knowledge 
of opposing views, and other such things.

Richard Conaway

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> On Fri, 30 Jul 2010 16:45:22 -0700, "Richard" <aaa at endlyss.com> wrote:
>> Sorry but this "Goodbye" thing has always seemed very childish and
>> egocentric to me.
> I rather think this applies more to your reply.
>> No, I am not a Hebrew expert but I have many interests and have been on 
>> many
>> lists and have seen this behavior many times.
>> Why deprive others of your much needed input, experience, and education? 
>> Why
>> think only of one's own ego? Why not think of what you can do for others?
> There are legitimate reasons why one feels that one doesn't wish to 
> continue.
> Both Yitzhak and James felt abused, and certainly in one case I believe
> justifiably so.
>> I was very sorry when Yitzhak left as well but had these same feelings 
>> about
>> it.
>> It may seem and feel "oh so righteous" but in reality you are stealing 
>> from
>> others.
> One usenet group that I follow used to have a very prominent and much
> appreciated poster who stopped posting.  It turned out that he had died
> suddenly.  If a well known contributer to a newsgroup or mailing list 
> (which
> applies to both Yitzhak and James) decides to leave, I appreciate the 
> notice
> and the reasons why they are leaving.
> I haven't been part of this mailing list long, but in the time I have 
> been,
> I've appreciated both Yitzhak's and James's contributions, and I'm
> appreciative that they both chose to indicate the reasons they thought
> they should leave.  I don't regard this a childish or egocentric at all.
> I'd like to second Yigal in expressing regret over Yitzhak's and now
> James's departure from this mailing list.
> -- 
> William Parsons


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