[b-hebrew] Goodbye all

Will Parsons wbparsons at alum.mit.edu
Fri Jul 30 20:33:49 EDT 2010

On Fri, 30 Jul 2010 16:45:22 -0700, "Richard" <aaa at endlyss.com> wrote:
> Sorry but this "Goodbye" thing has always seemed very childish and
> egocentric to me.

I rather think this applies more to your reply.

> No, I am not a Hebrew expert but I have many interests and have been on many
> lists and have seen this behavior many times.
> Why deprive others of your much needed input, experience, and education? Why
> think only of one's own ego? Why not think of what you can do for others?

There are legitimate reasons why one feels that one doesn't wish to continue.
Both Yitzhak and James felt abused, and certainly in one case I believe
justifiably so.

> I was very sorry when Yitzhak left as well but had these same feelings about
> it.
> It may seem and feel "oh so righteous" but in reality you are stealing from
> others.

One usenet group that I follow used to have a very prominent and much
appreciated poster who stopped posting.  It turned out that he had died
suddenly.  If a well known contributer to a newsgroup or mailing list (which
applies to both Yitzhak and James) decides to leave, I appreciate the notice
and the reasons why they are leaving.

I haven't been part of this mailing list long, but in the time I have been,
I've appreciated both Yitzhak's and James's contributions, and I'm
appreciative that they both chose to indicate the reasons they thought
they should leave.  I don't regard this a childish or egocentric at all.

I'd like to second Yigal in expressing regret over Yitzhak's and now
James's departure from this mailing list.

William Parsons

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