[b-hebrew] H-XT-Y at II Samuel 11: 3

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9.  Kumidu (Egyptian garrison in the southern Beqa Valley, just north of
Qadesh of eastern Upper Galilee)

(Non-Egyptian) commander of this Egyptian garrison (presumably another
maryannu/charioteer):  Arawa-na

[The name is per Richard Hess.  The last part of the name is damaged.  Wm.
Moran does not see the consonant N there.]

Assuming that Hiti can have a relationship with some kind of Hurro-Urartian 
How do you explain that a person of that kind could ever be commander of an 
*Egyptian* garrison?
[NB: as far as I'm concerned the idea can be discarded at first glimpse.]

Moreover it seems that Uriyah the Hiti belongs to a period *younger* than 
this time, doesn't he?

Other than the suffix, this name is likely identical to )RYW-K at Genesis
14: 1.  Is )RYW-K at Genesis 14: 1 one of the Biblical “Hittites”?  Why has
no university scholar ever mentioned the great similarity of these two names
in print?  Why has no university scholar ever asked in print whether )RYW-K
at Genesis 14: 1 is one of the Biblical “Hittites”?
Jim Stinehart
I cannot see the "similarity" between Aryokh and Arawa[xx].
Less than 25% match.

Arnaud Fournet

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