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Karl and Uri:
Karl:  I hear where you’re coming from.  (See below for pouring more oil on the fire.)
Uri wrote:  “[A]n examination of the preserved PNs in the EA [Amarna] letters clearly indicates a good percentage of 'Indo -European'  background in the Western Levant at that time.  The term includes not only the rulers, or "kings", in Canaan, but also elsewhere in states like Amurru, or cities like Gubla, which eventually became Phoenician. All very far from Hatti.  For details one can check the monograph  of Richard S. Hess on the Amarna Names.”
Why is it that Uri Hurwitz finds it natural to mention those non-Semitic names in Canaan from the Amarna Letters in a b-hebrew thread on the Biblical “Hittites”, yet not a single university scholar has  e-v-e-r  done so in evaluating who the Biblical “Hittites” may have been?  Here is the #1 scholarly article on who the Biblical “Hittites” were.  Note that it never mentions, even in passing, the words “Amarna”, “EA”, or “Late Bronze Age”.
I hope people noticed George Athas’ remark on this subject:  “…it may be worthwhile asking not only whether there actually were Hittites or Hurrians in Palestine at any stage…”  Taking that as my cue, let me now expand on Uri’s point by showing just how dramatic this uncontroverted evidence is.
During most periods of time, we don’t know the names of many rulers of cities in Canaan.  But for Year 13 of Akhenaten’s reign, we know the actual names of the rulers of most cities in Canaan.  Just take a look at the names of these princeling rulers that I have set forth below.  I have picked most of the most famous cities in Canaan.  Are these the Biblical “Hittites”?
Why is it that in evaluating the Biblical “Hittites”, no university scholar has  e-v-e-r  mentioned any of these nine well-attested names of princeling rulers of cities throughout Canaan?  Uri quite naturally referred to these prominent non-Semitic names in the heart of Canaan (albeit only in general terms).  But to the best of my knowledge, all university scholars have completely ignored all of these princeling names in evaluating the Biblical “Hittites”.  Why?
1.  Jerusalem
Ruler:  IR-Heba
2.  City of Hebron =  Qiltu
Ruler:  $uwardata
3.  Carmel/Gintikirmil (in the Shephelah, west of hill country), plus nearby Rubutu
Ruler:  Tagi
4.  Megiddo
Ruler:  Biridiya
5.  Acco
Ruler:  Surata
6.  Akshaph
Ruler:  Endaruta
7.  Qadesh of eastern Upper Galilee (if Gudda$una = Qadesh)
Ruler:  Yamiuta
8.  Ashteroth
Ruler (or, perhaps more likely, maryannu defender):  Birida$wa
9.  Kumidu (Egyptian garrison in the southern Beqa Valley, just north of Qadesh of eastern Upper Galilee)
(Non-Egyptian) commander of this Egyptian garrison (presumably another maryannu/charioteer):  Arawa-na  
[The name is per Richard Hess.  The last part of the name is damaged.  Wm. Moran does not see the consonant N there.]
Other than the suffix, this name is likely identical to )RYW-K at Genesis 14: 1.  Is )RYW-K at Genesis 14: 1 one of the Biblical “Hittites”?  Why has no university scholar ever mentioned the great similarity of these two names in print?  Why has no university scholar ever asked in print whether )RYW-K at Genesis 14: 1 is one of the Biblical “Hittites”?
Jim Stinehart
Evanston, Illinois

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What we need to do is to convince at least one mainstream university scholar to look at what actually happened in Late Bronze Age Canaan.  Then if such open-minded scholar would compare what actually happened in Late Bronze Age Canaan to what the Bible says about the Biblical “Hittites”, a refreshing new dialogue about the historicity of this part of the Bible might well ensue, to the benefit of one and all.

You don’t know what you are asking for.

… You are asking for one professor to commit professional suicide, for what? Once he’s drummed out of academia, he can safely be ignored and/or ridiculed. That’s a pretty big price, and how many professors are willing to do that? …

Another example I meant to include, “oh that…yeah I know, we are told not to look into this, its pretty well communicated if you research into giants or other races they will end your career immediately, we are told to say its all 1800’s media fraud regardless of the evidence, in fact they think they have found a living tribe of Neanderthals in northernmost Canada, but I don’t know anymore about it, its pretty controversial, again if you ask questions you’ll be working at McDonalds tomorrow”. This quote found at http://s8int.com/WordPress/?paged=2 about a student who just graduated from Berkeley. 

Jim Stinehart
Evanston, Illinois

Karl W. Randolph. 

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