[b-hebrew] H-XT-Y at II Samuel 11: 3

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>In that example you are trying to interpret a similar formula according to 
>the regular synchronic syntax.
>There may be a flaw in that process. But I'm not competent enough in the 
>language to say if you are right or not.
>This is more a theoretical objection.
>I noticed "KN with its **implied** “to be” ": so the syntax is indeed odd!?

No, that is a common use of that word. The context indicates whether that 
implicit “to be” be made explicit or not. Standard procedure in the 
Ok so *implied* is not about Hebrew supposedly "lacking" something. It's 
more about translation into a language where to be should appear or 
"universal grammar" or the like.
This is what I understand.

>What would be a regular sentence with the same meaning and the same words?
> A.

That’s just it, I made two regular sentences out of what is otherwise 
twisted grammar that really doesn’t mean anything as pointed.
If you have some time, I'd be interested that you develop a bit more the 
grammatical issue(s) here.

Arnaud Fournet

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