[b-hebrew] H-XT-Y at II Samuel 11: 3

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If we keep with the Hurro-Urartian idea WRYH could be ur(i)hi "true". It is 
attested as person name.
It makes more sense than ebri.

Arnaud Fournet

I just want to be sure, but as I understand what you are saying, )WRYH could 
very well be a Hittite name, originally pronounced something like Uwrihi 
instead of the commonly written Uriah?

The reason I am asking is because I never thought of it this way before, but 
it sounds like it would make sense if Uriah truly were a Hittite.
Karl W. Randolph.

I don't know much Hittite but I don't think Uwrihi could be Hittite 
(=Anatolian Indo-European).
It can be a Hurro-Urartian person name without much difficulty. The shape 
fits well and this name is attested.
This would mean that "Hett-" is rather loosely applied to any kind of Non 
Semitic people in the north.

Arnaud Fournet 

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