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most of Arnaud's recent lines of discussion have not only relied on 
reconstructed Hebrew pronunciations but on a whole range of dead languages 
we could never be sure of the pronunciations of.
I tend to think you are so colossally incompetent in the field of historical 
linguistics that you do not even fathom the magnitude of your incompetence.
It takes some level of competence to measure at least fuzzily the level of 
one's own incompetence.
You have not reached that level.

I'm afraid we're looking at yet another one of these amazing castles in the 
sky. But this castle beats the rest by a long shot. We're now looking at an 
amazing castle in the sky built on another fabulous castle in the sky built 
on a whole serious of works of amazing engineering in the sky. It becomes 
even more entertaining when the different castles in the sky disagree with 
each other and catapult flaming balls of burning bitumen at each other 
hoping to destroy each other's castle so that their single castle would 
remain. If only somebody would explain the principal of gravity to all the 
different castle builders before these finely designed and wonderfully built 
feats of architecture come crashing with a thud to their obliteration on the 
unforgiving ground of objective study that awaits below.
James Christian
In my opinion, you're not exactly a typical troll, more a kind of blathering 

There is an interesting description of trolls here, by somebody who is not 
far from being a troll himself.

Looks like one category is missing: the Nothing-Is-Knowable Pompous Troll.

Best Regards anyway

Arnaud Fournet 

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