[b-hebrew] H-XT-Y at II Samuel 11: 3

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>> Ewri "lord" is coherent with Urartian (and Hurrian as well).
> A.
> ***
> Arnaud Fournet
> Do I take this correctly that you suggest a different division of the name
than what is typical for Hebrew?

Hebrew: )WR-YH   “The Lord is light” with the theophoric suffix
“Hittite”: )WRY-H   “Lord” then what does the -H suffix stand for?

Uriah the Hittite is mentioned in 21 verses, not one has the variant -YHW
indicating that this is the theophoric suffix.

Three (four?) other people are named Uriah in Tanakh, mentioned in 12
verses, one of which Jeremiah (3 verses) gave the variant -YHW suffix.

Karl W. Randolph.

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