[b-hebrew] H-XT-Y at II Samuel 11: 3

James Christian jc.bhebrew at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 28 14:45:55 EDT 2010

Hi Arnaud,

> I myself question Bryce’s assertion that these people are Canaanites who
>> post-date the Late Bronze Age.  But they’re certainly not the Hittites
>> from
>> eastern Anatolia, that’s for sure.
> ***
> Why is it so sure?
> A.
> ***
Because that would contradict the case for his theory that he is trying to
build. Discuss his theory with him for a year or two and you will eventually
figure this out for yourself. Just read the archives of his endless
presentation of his theory on the patriarchal narratives. You are not likely
to get anywhere. Evidence is not likely to get in his way.

James Christian

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