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I do most of my research online. Officially I'm always been a full time
student at the various institutions I have done research at. In reality I've
spent most of the time travelling the world and learning languages by full
immersion and inspecting archaeological sites of biblical interest. If you
can find the right supervisors who are willing to be flexible about the so
called 'rules' and if you can work well enough online so that your
supervisors have no need to raise issues because you show results fast then
it's possible to do a lot online. I should know, I've been doing this for
years. At one point I was a research student in 3 different institutions in
parallel and receiving funding from all three in parallel. I conducted most
of my research online while in completely different parts of the globe to
the institutions I was affiliated with. I just made sure I met all the
deadlines and handed in work to a high standard and no-one batted an eyelid.

In the UK, there are institutions like the OU who are specialised in
distance learning. I believe the OU do have some distance programs for PhDs
but most of their funded PhDs are conducted in their research facility which
is more like a concentration camp and a PhD factory than a place of real
research. These guys even have intelligent buildings which know where you
ever second you in the facility. They make you go to AA style meetings and
such. I wouldn't advise ever going there if you want to do something online.
The word 'anal' is an understatement for these guys. I'm never going there

However, many UK universities do have part time programs where supervisors
generally have no problem with students who want to distance learn and work
online. The problem is the stigma of part-time PhD students (you are
destined to never complete) and the fact that your chances of getting
funding are pretty much non-existent. If these problems are not an issue for
you then go for it.

As for USA unis I don't have a clue. Never tried playing the system over
there. I guess Isreali Universities could be a good place to look as well.
No experience with these guys though. Can't help much.

James Christian

On 28 July 2010 20:51, <dwashbur at nyx.net> wrote:

> On 28 Jul 2010 at 12:32, Joseph Justiss wrote:
> >
> > Do the list members have any recommendations of PhD programs in
> > Hebrew Bible/Semitic philology which have a system in place to allow
> > the student to explore modern linguistics and be well-trained in
> > both fields?
> One that could be done online would be even better, at least for me.
> Dave Washburn
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