[b-hebrew] b-hebrew] "Yahweh" occurs 6823 times in the RomanCatholic NewJerusalem Bible BUT occurs "ZERO" times in theunderlying Hebrew

Doug Belot dbelot at bigpond.net.au
Wed Jul 28 03:36:40 EDT 2010

I think you all need to understand what God meant, to be able to get the 
message , rather than acurately diagnose each stroke of the pen , 
understanding the intent is probably more important, , thats why puting the 
word Lord , which means No 1 , is best , then you cannot mock , humiliate , 
or annoy our God by error.

doug belot
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RomanCatholic NewJerusalem Bible BUT occurs "ZERO" times in theunderlying 

> As far as I am aware God never sanctioned any translations of the bible. 
> He
> never even asked us to translate it. All the translations are as bad as 
> each
> other. LORD, Yahweh and Jehovah are all inaccurate translations of Yhwh a
> word we can never be sure of how exactly it was pronounced. Given that all
> of these translations are just as bad as each other perhaps you should 
> spend
> more time learning Hebrew and evaluating if the rest of the Hebrew bible 
> has
> been translated just as badly. From a teaching of morality point of view 
> (if
> we can mutually agree that this is one of the major aims of the writings 
> of
> the Hebrew bible) it is perhaps the quality of the translation of the rest
> of the text which would guide a reader to a correct understanding of the
> morality it aims to teach. Wouldn't you agree?
> James Christian
> On 28 July 2010 04:45, <davedonnelly1 at juno.com> wrote:
>> Hi James Christian,
>> Way back on Sun Jul 25 12:15:28 EDT 2010,  You wrote:
>> >>>
>> Dave,
>> as someone who is aware of the issues surrounding the name of God
>> and someone who can sympathise with your agenda
>> I really don't think your method of critiquing the reconstruction Yahweh
>> is doing your cause any favours.
>> The only thing you seem to be achieving on this list is coming across
>> as pushing a sectarian agenda and alienating your would be audience.
>> May I suggest you adopt a less dramatic tact
>> and be more honest and open about your position?
>> If you advance your study of Hebrew
>> you may then be in a position to enter into discussions of reconstructing
>> Yhwh.
>> There have been many such on this list
>> and your continual claim that reconstructing Yhwh has been neglected on
>> this list
>> only goes to show your lack of familiarity with the history of
>> discussions on the list.
>> This just alienates your audience even further.
>> I hope you can accept this constructive criticism light heartedly.
>> Why don't you just drop the Yhwh thing for now
>> until you are in a position to enter into a proper linguistic discussion
>> about it
>> and get involved in other discussions.
>> It could help you progress in Hebrew studies.
>> James Christian
>> >>>
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>> _____
>> Dave asks James Christian a question:
>> I am not claiming that discussions on Gesenius's  reconstructed Hebrew
>> Spelling "Y-a-h-w-e-h"
>> [Possibly from the Samaritan transcription Iabe]
>> or
>> [Possibly from Clement of Alexandria's Greek transcription "iaoue"]
>> have been neglected.
>> I am basically asking,
>> giving what appears to be a total lack of  Masoretic Text support for the
>> Hebrew Spelling "Y-a-h-w-e-h",
>> do you believe that the God of the Hebrew Bible
>> is behind the publishing of these four English Bibles,
>> IN ANY WAY?????????
>> I can only assume that you agree that neither the Leningrad Codex,
>> nor any BHS text gives sufficient Hebrew Scriptural support,
>> for publishing four  English Bibles in which "Yahweh" occurs 6823 times.
>> Dave Donnelly
>>  P.S.
>> I guess I definitely am raising the issue
>> of whether or not Gesenius's proposed Hebrew Punctuation "Y-a-h-w-e-h"
>> [Based on Greek Transcriptions from several Early Church Fathers]
>> is sufficient evidence to use,
>> to publish four different English Bibles in which "Yahweh" occurs 6823
>> times!!!!!!!!!
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