[b-hebrew] Pharaoh Khepera'a in Jeremiah 44:30

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> >>  Egyptian kh could not be represented by Greek X until after it had changed
> >>  from an aspirated stop to a fricative.
> >
> > This is contradicted by the rendering of the Old Kingdom Pharaoh known in
> > English as Khufu in Greek as Χέοψ/Cheops.  Both Cheops and Apries are found
> > in Herodotus, so why there would be a difference in how Egyptian ḫ/kh is
> > rendered is not clear.
> ***
> Apries has aleph as initial, so there is no contradiction.

Please read more carefully!  The contradiction that I was referring to was
that the Greek transcription of Khufu by Cheops contradicts the claim that
X (chi) could not represent Egyptian kh until chi itself became a fricative.

> The point is Apries has nothing to do with kheper: it's from 'b râ =
> 'ab-ri"a.

It's possible, but it cannot be statedly dogmatically as a fact.

William Parsons

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