[b-hebrew] Re: Pharaoh Khepera'a in Jeremiah 44:30

Ratson Naharadama yahoo-arch at heplist.com
Mon Jul 26 10:31:58 EDT 2010

  Karl asked:
=> Any idea who he was?
=> What other names did he go by?

Tricky question as Khepera would likely be an incomplete name and there 
are several Egyptian kings (pharaohs) who had Khepera (Ḫeper-Ri`a) as 
part of their name.

The Ḫeper part would mean "transform(s)/come-into-being" (such as the 
dung beatle egg transforming — seemingly out of dead material — as an 
adult beetle from the dung or dead creature it was laid in).

Ri`a is the deity Ri`a (usually transcribed as Ra or Re in English).

Usually there is at least one word either before the Ḫeper, or between 
Ḫeper and Ri`a
such as:
   *   Men-Ḫeper-Ri`a -- "strength of Ri`a transforms"
   *   `a'a-Ḫeper:u:-Ri`a -- "great are the manifestations of Ri`a"
   *   Ḫeper-Ka'a-Ri`a -- "transformed is the Ka'a of Ri`a"

As said before, there are many kings with this element in their name 
(particularly in the early New Kingdom, it seems).

Ratson Naharädama
Denver, Colorado

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