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>> "Conventional wisdom" is that "Hophra" in Jer. 44:33 is the same as the 
>> king
>> that the Greek historians call Apries, 4th king of the 26th dynasty, who
>> ruled from 589 to 570 BCE. The form "Khepera" is not the name of a king, 
>> but
>> rather a title of the sun god Re, actually referring to the sacred dung
>> beetle. But if you or anyone else think that "Hophra" should be 
>> identified
>> with someone else, I'm sure that we would all be happy to hear your
>> evidence.

Apparently the full name of that pharaoh is ḥ_ˁ_ˁ '_b r_ˁ  w_3_ḥ '_b r_ˁ
'_b r_ˁ  with the vowels is 'ab riˁa "heart of Ra"
Happy is Ra's heart, Stable is Ra's heart.
That Ra was pronounced with the i_a scheme is proved by Akkadian and 
Tushratta wrote to Pharaoh Neb-maat-ra: ni-ib-mu-u-ri-a in cuneiform
That part fits the Greek name fairly well Απριης/Apries (with extra -s and a 
 > η)
Hophra seems to be a bad rendition of ḥ_ˁ_ˁ '_b r_ˁ = ḥaˁˁ 'ab riˁa. 
Haˁaphriˁa is expected.
Ουαφρη/Ouaphre is a kind of rendition of w_3_ḥ '_b r_ˁ
It's funny to see that ḥ and b fused to generate φ

Arnaud Fournet

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