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As far as I understood it Arnaud you was
As far as I understand this language
it should be *you were*

How much do you perform on the TOEFL test?

Please try to learn the language on the list.
You may not succeed, but you have the right to learn.

Many thanks.


asking my opinion on the early dating of Codex Vaticanus and the relevance 
of the tsade issue to its dating. I answered you openly about the problems 
with dating raising relevant issues about how reliable pottery based and 
philology based dating can be. You then, completely unnecessarily, belittled 
those genuine issues with an overly sarcastic and completely irrelevant 
response. If you don't see how that style was offensive then I won't be 
expecting any apologies from you any time in the near future. Just as I 
won't be expecting you to objectively engage in a discussion about the 
reliability of the dating systems used to date MSS (given your unhelpful 

Now, regarding Jim while my response may have been harshly worded and there 
could have been better variants than 'hijacked' to politely say the same 
thing and this poor choice of language led Yigal to rightly tell me off for 
it you can rest assured that my feelings about the way Jim turns just about 
every interesting thread into a discussion about his theory of the 
patriarchal narratives are shared by just about every active participant who 
has tried to interact with his theories. You have only recently started to 
interact with his theories (it's been going on for about 3 years now) but 
you can rest assured after you have seen 10 or so threads you open about 
something completely unrelated turn into yet another presentation of Jim's 
theories you will most likely see things from a better angle and will better 
sympathise with my poor choice of words.

Now, I'm willing to let you have the last word in this pointless and 
bandwidth consuming discussion about list etiquette but I would much rather 
see you interacting with my genuine concerns about dating systems. Have you 
really studied pottery and philology based dating schemes to the point where 
you can understand and defend them and use conclusions based on them as a 
reliable foundational starting point for discussions? I have yet another 
doubt. I doubt that you have. I also doubt that you be willing to do so. Or 
that you will be willing to engage in a fruitful discussion which would lead 
us both (and others who participate in the discussion) to learn more about 
dating of MSS and give us a better foundation to base discussions on. I 
would whole heartedly welcome that you disappoint me and show me that my 
latest doubts are completely unfounded. We could then stop bickering and 
etiquette and learn something together.

James Christian








Best Regards

Arnaud Fournet

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