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Hi Arnaud,

is there anybody on this list who you haven't yet managed to offend?

Why don't you ask the persons on the list directly?

I do not claim to represent anybody but myself.


Amongst my growing list of doubts I now doubt that there is.
James Christian

I'm afraid the list is not about discussing you personally having doubts or 
not doubts about this or that.
Are your "doubts" the ultimate Truth around which the World revolves? Please 

I noticed one of your mails about Jim's "hijacks" was declared unwelcome, 
and I agree,
and I suppose this new post of yours qualifies for the same negative 

Are you not the person who was asking for "something useful to be 
For example, do you have any suggestion ?
I proposed something, so far you did not. I'm still waiting for a suggestion 
from you.
A fact.

In all cases, this is my last mail on your "doubts" and other personal 
unwelcome issues.

Best Regards.

Arnaud Fournet

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