[b-hebrew] "Yahweh" occurs 6823 times in the Roman Catholic New Jerusalem

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Issues related to the tetragrammaton have been reviewed ad nauseum on
this  list. 
It feels to me that there are those on the list who are pushing a 
sectarian agenda. 
My personal response is, "no, thanks!".
Ted Brownstein

Hi Ted,

As far as I know the B-hebrew discussion board discusses Codex L, 
as well as BHS texts that are derived from Codex L.

Since I first posted here it has been of great interest to me that Codex
L. preserved six different variants of the Tetragrammaton, all vocalized
Before he left Peter Kirk took a major interest in this issue 
and posted all six variants of YHWH that occurred in Codex L., 
as well as posting the number of times that each occurred in Codex L. 

Now recently I have  become aware of four different English translations
of a particular BHS text,
[which was derived from Codex L.]
in which each of the translators translated each of the 6 variants of 

1. The Emphasized Bible of about 1905
2. The Jerusalem Bible
3. The New Jerusalem Bible

As far as I know no secular source has commented on this issue.

Since it is at least possible, that God's name might actually be
it is at least possible that the Masoretes might have chosen to point
in six different ways, 
to hide the evidence that God's name might actually be "Yahweh" or maybe

Dave Donnelly
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