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> While prior translations tend to influence subsequent translations, it is
> certainly not true that texts are not re-examined - old mistakes do not
> automatically get passed on.  Modern English translations do *not* in
> generally follow the KJV (the translation known as the "New King James
> Version" obviously being an exception).  Neither did the KJV version
> follow the Vulgate (though it was heavily influenced by other English
> translations) - part of the point (and an area of contention with
> Roman Catholics) was that it was made anew from the Hebrew rather than
> the Vulgate.  And in turn, the Vulgate itself did not slavishly follow
> the LXX - Jerome was a man ahead of his time by going back to the
> Hebrew text rather than following the LXX.
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How much certainty do we have that the Hebrew text is not itself a kind of 
back-translation into Hebrew from Greek?

Arnaud Fournet 

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