[b-hebrew] Pharaoh Khepera'a in Jeremiah 44:30

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Dear James,

While Jim did give his answer, his attempt broaden the discussion of his
theories was curtailed by the moderators several days ago. Your use of the
term "hijack" is not helpful. Perhaps no-one had a knowledgeable answer. 

"Conventional wisdom" is that "Hophra" in Jer. 44:33 is the same as the king
that the Greek historians call Apries, 4th king of the 26th dynasty, who
ruled from 589 to 570 BCE. The form "Khepera" is not the name of a king, but
rather a title of the sun god Re, actually referring to the sacred dung
beetle. But if you or anyone else think that "Hophra" should be identified
with someone else, I'm sure that we would all be happy to hear your


Yigal Levin

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Hi all,

so does anybody want to answer the original question? Or are we just going
to led Jim hijack yet another thread?

James Christian
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