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I've got to be honest. I'm not entirely sure what your question is.
As written below, there are several questions.

At the present time, we can say that:
1. apparently, the Codex Vaticanus writes tsade with a T plus a Sigma on top 
of it.
2. some other Codices don't do that, just a plain Sigma.
3. there's a number of references dealing with that issue.
4. I have not understood why this feature about T+superscript S is due to 
Greek instead of Hebrew.

Do we have any reason to doubt that the Codex Vaticanus is dated 4th c. AD. 


Are you asking a dating question about the Codex Vaticanus? i.e. are you 
asking if we uphold the 4th century dating on the basis of this tsade line 
of evidence?
James Christian
And what is the answer to the latter question?

Arnaud Fournet

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