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Commentarium infra:

>> Arnaud:
>> Interesting question.
>> I don’t know about Vaticanus, but in checking the online version of LXX 
>> that
>> is available for free at crosswire.org,
> ***
> Where is it exactly on the site?
> A.
> ***

>> I found that the first few chapters
>> of 1 Chronicles has almost all tsadas transliterated with simple sigmas. 
>> I
>> don’t know how typical that is for the rest of Tanakh, I just chose those
>> chapters because I knew that there is where I can expect to find several
>> names with tsadas that were transliterated into Greek.

>> Does Vaticanus follow the same pattern?
>> Karl W. Randolph.
> ***
> I cannot answer that question.

> I wonder if there is some standardization in the way the on-line texts 
> would reflect sigmas or not, making them all sigmas for example, whatever 
> the original transcriptions were.

Accept for pictures of an occasional leaf, Vaticanus is not online.  There 
are more and more manuscripts available now, including all or most of 


Are there any similar cites for Hebrew manuscripts?  Kirk?

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