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> Arnaud:
> Interesting question.
> I don’t know about Vaticanus, but in checking the online version of LXX 
> that
> is available for free at crosswire.org,
Where is it exactly on the site?

> I found that the first few chapters
> of 1 Chronicles has almost all tsadas transliterated with simple sigmas. I
> don’t know how typical that is for the rest of Tanakh, I just chose those
> chapters because I knew that there is where I can expect to find several
> names with tsadas that were transliterated into Greek.
> Does Vaticanus follow the same pattern?
> Karl W. Randolph.
I cannot answer that question.

I wonder if there is some standardization in the way the on-line texts would 
reflect sigmas or not, making them all sigmas for example, whatever the 
original transcriptions were.


Arnaud Fournet

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