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>> Maybe this has already been discussed before, but I have some questions 
>> about the affricate or non affricate pronunciation of (T)SADE.
>> Cantineau 1954 discusses a Greek manuscrit called Vaticanus of the 
>> Lamentations supposedly dating back to the IVth century AD, which 
>> mentions in Greek letters Tau-Sigma-Alpha-D-Eta as name of that letter. 
>> He infers from that document that the affricate pronunciation must be old 
>> and possibly the original one.
>> So I have a handful of questions about the presumed authenticity of that 
>> manuscrit, its dating and its relevance for TSADE or SADE, possible 
>> alterations or any reason to conclude in this or that direction, or not 
>> to conclude at all, or to prefer some other better reference for that 
>> issue. What should exactly be thought about that issue?
> With my good friend Mr. Google I found:
> http://tinyurl.com/25zrhnm
> and:
> http://tinyurl.com/2ajft7x
> You are referring to Codex Vaticanus:
> http://www.bible-researcher.com/codex-b.html
> Practically any textbook on text criticism will give you more information, 
> Metzger, Aland, et al.
> N.E. Barry Hofstetter


Now what is your suggestion about what should be preferably thought about 
this information?

Arnaud Fournet 

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