[b-hebrew] Mythology (Was: Nooo! Don't go!)

James Christian jc.bhebrew at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 23 04:41:43 EDT 2010


> ***
> No
> I cannot accept that as "technically" correct.
> We are in paroxismical fallacy and crap here.
> A.
> ***
interesting style of communication. Do you consider these two terms to be
synonymous? ('paroxismical fallacy' and 'crap').

It really is an interesting linguistic phenomenon how you jump from one
register to the other. From the super academic (does anybody actually know
what a paroxismical fallacy is?) to the super colloquial (do you have a
technical definition of 'crap'? Is it equal in quality to a 'paroxisimal

In any case, just my two p's worth, if your aim is to alienate yourself from
who you are discussing with then I predict you are having the utmost
success. I think to the majority it is quite plain what was meant to be
illustrated. Your playing the super accurate academic and throwing out
fanciful statements in the hope it will give you some credibility isn't
doing you any favours.

May I suggest to whoever offended Yitzhak to just give an apology (no matter
how ingenuine) so that we can get on and discuss something useful. This
definition of mythology discussion isn't going anywhere useful that I can

James Christian

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