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> I'm not sure the forum is about discussing Wikipedia.
> But to put it short, it is quite certain that what Wikipedia states about 
> Hurrian is complete crap.
> And it's no less certain that I'm not going to move one finger to change 
> anything about that situation.
> The whole logic of Wikipedia is flawed from the start.
> I cannot change it and I don't care. It's better if it's clear that it's 
> full-fledged unreliable crap. The worse the better.
> Efforts to make it half crap are useless.
> Imagine what the Bible would look like if it had been submitted to a 
> wikipedesque process for centuries.
> If I want to state my case, I prefer publishing something on Scribd or on 
> a professional site or journal where my words cannot be distorted against 
> my will.
> In addition peer-review is sometimes (but not always...) an added value.
> If you're lucky enough to fall on a competent and open-minded reviewer, it 
> may become a real positive experience.
> It's not impossible. It sometimes happens.

I saw some of your online materials with regard to Hurrian and a few other 
topics.  Were any of these published by a journal or academic publisher? 
What was the general reaction of Hurrian and I-E scholars to your theses?

N.E. Barry Hofstetter
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