[b-hebrew] Nooo! Don't go!

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> On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 10:20 AM, Arnaud Fournet
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> Arnaud,
> What Wikipedia shows is that even you can write up b.s.  Whether it is
> going to be brilliant stuff or the real b.s., it's up to you.
> I don't take wiki material nothing more than a starting point, this
> and that I need to use for cooking a dish, for example.
> Oun Kwon.

I'm not sure the forum is about discussing Wikipedia.
But to put it short, it is quite certain that what Wikipedia states about 
Hurrian is complete crap.
And it's no less certain that I'm not going to move one finger to change 
anything about that situation.
The whole logic of Wikipedia is flawed from the start.
I cannot change it and I don't care. It's better if it's clear that it's 
full-fledged unreliable crap. The worse the better.
Efforts to make it half crap are useless.
Imagine what the Bible would look like if it had been submitted to a 
wikipedesque process for centuries.

If I want to state my case, I prefer publishing something on Scribd or on a 
professional site or journal where my words cannot be distorted against my 
In addition peer-review is sometimes (but not always...) an added value.
If you're lucky enough to fall on a competent and open-minded reviewer, it 
may become a real positive experience.
It's not impossible. It sometimes happens.


Arnaud Fournet 

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