[b-hebrew] Mythology (Was: Nooo! Don't go!)

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> Arnaud,
> What Barry is saying is technically correct among people who study
> "mythology" and History of Religions.
I cannot accept that as "technically" correct.
We are in paroxismical fallacy and crap here.

The popular mind equates mythology
> with fiction, which is where the problem comes. I run into this all the
> time. In the U.S. there are several very strong myths that we tell
> ourselves, besides the Washington cherry tree incident.
In that kind of "myths", we also have Lenin giving his winter fur-coat to a 
poor beggar.
I disagree with this implicit assimilation of mythology or myth with 
political propaganda.
I disagree.

> The Big Bang, while a scientific statement, is actually a creation myth 
> (don't start
> an argument over whether it is true or not! That is not the point).
What's that hogwash again.
There is no big bang at all in science. What we have here is an inadequate 
conversion of energy levels into a fake time-frame.
Physics does not deal with big bang. You're trying to convert journalistic 
sensationalism into a scientific statement. That conversion is crap in the 
first place.
I buy zero of that crap.
Try to understand what physics states first.

> Myths are very powerful, which is why they are used. If you follow
> post-modernism, you might call them metanarratives.
> And now, perhaps some Hebrew :)
> James
You have a strange way of throwing pseudo-truths about the place and then 
trying to "conclude" as if your thrown-out pseudo-truths were not supposed 
to be answered and discussed.
I don't buy this pseudo-authoritative hogwash as conclusive.

I don't know the "rules" here, as I'm a new-comer.
Anyway, what is the connection between your pseudo-authoritative blather and 
the avowed purpose of the forum "B-Hebrew is a forum dedicated to the 
discussion of Biblical Hebrew language and literature"??
What is the relevance of your crap about big bang here, in regards with the 
purpose of the list?
Your crap is not just crap, your crap is off-topic in the first place, as 
far as I understand the purpose of the forum.

By the way, do you have anything relevant to say about "Biblical Hebrew 
language and literature"?


Arnaud Fournet.

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