[b-hebrew] A message from the moderators

Kirk Lowery kirk at grovescenter.org
Wed Jul 21 09:06:12 EDT 2010

We want to remind list members that we require civility, politeness and a
moderate tone in their treatment of one another. We also inform you that in the
future you will find the moderators less forgiving and permissive on these
matters, since members are finding this difficult.

Finally, we remind you that this is a public forum. If you present a view or
theory, you cannot always expect a positive reception. Do not identify closely
with your ideas and do not be surprised if your ideas are not accepted or even
rejected out of hand by other list members. The moderators will not tolerate
attacks again persons, but attacks against ideas, theories and "facts" are in
part what the list is about. The moderators make a sharp distinction between the
two. As a practical matter, b-hebrew is about personal enlightenment; don't
expect to change others' opinions -- it doesn't happen most of the time.

Respectfully, the B-Hebrew moderators

Kirk Lowery <Kirk at GrovesCenter.org>
George Athas <George.Athas at moore.edu.au>
Yigal Levin <leviny1 at mail.biu.ac.il>

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