[b-hebrew] Nooo! Don't go!

Yohanan bin-Dawidh yohanan.bin.dawidh at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 01:11:19 EDT 2010

Dear Yitzhak;

While the person who pointed out the particular viewpoints you agree with as
mythology did so as a means to spite you, I would like to point out that
within the scientific/anthropologic world, the word “mythology” does not
mean something that is not true, as it has come to be used commonly to mean.
The scientific/anthropologic term “mythology” merely refers to a set of
cultural stories, traditions, history or beliefs associated with a
particular group of people or an event in history, and has nothing to with
whether these stories, traditions or beliefs are true or false, despite the
fact that this how many people view this term.

This is why when people tell me that the *H*umash is a “myth” as is the rest
of the Miq’ra, I do not get upset, but rather I tell them “It is the
cultural stories, traditions, history or beliefs of my people, much like the
myths of Constitution of the United States of America, Bill of Rights and
U.S. History books are to the citizens of the United States of America.”

I am sorry to see you go and I am saddened that somewhat felt the need to
abuse their power and attack you in a way that should not be appropriate.

Peace and blessings,

Yo*h*anan bin-Dawidh

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