[b-hebrew] Pharaoh Khepera'a in Jeremiah 44:30

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I disagree. A scholar is not necessarily a gentleman. Attacking a position with vitriol is ungentlemanly warfare but it is never unscholarly approach, unless of course that is all you have in your arsenal. Kitchen has much much more than just vitriol in his arsenal.

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> A slight aside to advise some caution
> about Kitchen's book mentioned by Uri. Much of what Kitchen
> writes in attacking the minimalist position is characterised
> more by vitriol than logical reasoning. I get the impression
> that he does not fully understand the minimalist position. I
> myself am not a minimalist (though, annoyingly, I'm often
> mistaken for one), but I find Kitchen's approach quite
> unscholarly at times, producing more 'heat' than 'light'.
> My subjective 2 cents...
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