[b-hebrew] Asher again

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Dr. Fournet:

I had written to Uzi:  “[J]ust look at all the vintage Hurrian names in the 
Patriarchal narratives:  $N(R, )RYWK, BR(, BR%(, $M)BR, $N)B, XCCN TMR, 
(PRWN, )YLWN, and B)RY.  Those are vintage Late Bronze Age Hurrian names 
that would have been incomprehensible to all later Biblical authors.”


I wonder if these kings are not indeed Kassite

BR( could be Buri-aa  (he is ?) King
BR% could be BuriaS  King of the land
Buri is the Kassite form of Hurrian ebri and it does have a voiced initial.

SM)BR could be Young King
Simbi is attested as meaning young

Has this already been proposed?

Arnaud Fournet 

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