[b-hebrew] Asher again

Arnaud Fournet fournet.arnaud at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jul 14 13:16:20 EDT 2010

The princeling ruler of Jerusalem in the Amarna Letters is IR-Heba, a name that honors the pagan Hurrian goddess Heba (alternatively spelled Khipa, etc.).  
Jim Stinehart
Evanston, Illinois


You must be aware that Heba(t) is a Hurrian goddess of Semitic origin: Heba(t) is the adjusted pronunciation of Hawwat "Eve".

In addition I found it extremely strange that a Hurrian man would have a name containing that goddess. It's more a feature of feminine names to be named with Heba(t).

The next point is that usually the first morpheme of Hurrian theophoric names is a verb. I understood from another post that IR is a noun. 
This syntactical  structure and the semantic feature of Heba(t) make this name very unhurrian-sounding. 

What kind of indications do we have on the "ethnicity" of that person?



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