[b-hebrew] [B-hebrew] Gesenius' 19th century explanation of [ yod-shewa-heh-defective holem-waw-qamets-heh ]

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Mon Jul 12 14:04:28 EDT 2010


The link above takes you  to the Internet Site:

At the bottom of the 4th page a new section starts 
which is titled "H. Gesenius' translate #3068 as follows:

Page Five is titled 3068, and displays some 19th century words written by
the Hebrew Scholar Gesenius. 

There appears to be some obvious flaws in the text on page #5,  
because Gesenius died before 1850, 
and this image has text which states: 

which are Strong's numbers of two variants of YHWH which James Strong
described in his Concordance of 1890,or so.


I assume that some legitimate text written by Gesenius before his death,
has been edited with some text from Strong's Concordance of 1890 or so.

Maybe some member of B-Hebrew knows precisely where this text comes


Dave Donnelly

P.S. If the text is legitimate, Gesenius went out of his way to make
known to the reader,
that the first vowel point of  [yod-shewa-heh-defective
and the first vowel point of "Adonai" ARE NOT THE SAME!
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