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Garth Grenache garthgrenache at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 8 04:13:14 EDT 2010

Hello Yitzhak!

Yitzhak wrote:
>Regarding long i: in the name Shali:m, see here:

Thanks!  The link shows an earlier spelling "In the Amarna texts it is regularly
written ú-ru-sa-lim (with or without the determinatives KUR URU and KI."

And a latter ~700BCE spelling ur-sa-li-im-mu.

The latter is argued to have a long i: being represented as -limmu instead of -li:mu.
That may be so.  Also, IF these are the most common signs for li and im, it may well represent le:m, as they are also used for le and em.
They may be writing ur-sa-le-em-mu to represent Hebrew -shale:m.

Garth Grenache.

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