[b-hebrew] Qof vs Ayin

Ratson Naharadama yahoo-arch at heplist.com
Tue Jul 6 20:44:59 EDT 2010

Coming off the Kiddush/Edush thread, it reminded me of a sound change 
that --- if I remember correctly --- occurred sometime around mid-1st 
mill. BCE concerning pronunciation of Qop and `ayin in Hebrew.  However, 
I can not recall which direction it went (qop=>ayin or ayin=>qop), or in 
what circumstances the sound change would occur.  If I try to remember, 
I have a vague memory that 'ayin would sometimes, under some kind of 
circumstance, become qop, but... as I said, this is a vague, hazy 
memory.  I think the hazy memory might be right as I can think of an 
instance in TaNaK where that may be a factor.

Could someone clarify which direction, what morphological circumstances, 
and what time frame this likely occurred?

Many thanks.

Ratson Naharädama
Denver, Colorado

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