[b-hebrew] kiddush versus edush?

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 6 12:06:35 EDT 2010

     In many Arab speaking regions the regular colloquial pronounciation of the letter Quf is  an 'A', a gluttal stop, which in this case because of the Hiriq could be transliterated as "'e ".

     That would explain it.

      Uri - not Uzi - Hurwitz               Wilmington, VT

Hi people,

I was in Deal NJ this weekend (where many NYC Syrian Jews summer);
a friend there told me that many Aleppo Jews used to pronounce the word
kiddush as "'edush", and that this was adopted from Baghdadi Jews who had
moved to Aleppo.

Is anyone familiar with this? How and why would kof be pronounced this way?


uzi silber


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