[b-hebrew] Yerushalayim, you say? Really?

Garth Grenache garthgrenache at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 5 11:04:23 EDT 2010

Dear Yitzhak and all,

Why is it that the Tiberian points indicate that YRWShLM should be pronounced Yerushalayim?

Where is the Y in -La(y)iM?

When a mater is not included we say the spelling is 'defective'.

But a consonantal 'y' is not a mater, is it?

So as the city name is spelled YRWShLM mostly, and only rarely in the later works, YRWShLYM, I suggest that the Y is an added mater for long 'e' (found in Gk LXX/NT and Aramaic spellings), which in Tiberian Hebrew became interpreted as consonantal, and perhaps as part of a dual ending?

What do you think, and what evidence do you have?

How do the non-Tiberian pointing traditions (e.g. Babylonian, Palestinian) point this important name?

Garth Grenache,
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