[b-hebrew] Patach furtivum -is it a creation of Tiberian Hebrew?

Garth Grenache garthgrenache at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 4 00:38:57 EDT 2010

Dear Yitzhak and all,

For a while I have believed that Patach furtivum  (e.g. the 'a' in Yeshua`)  was a non-phonemic, epenthetic glide that was not thought of as a part of the proper spelling of such words/names until the Tiberian pointing system developed.

I am aware that it is absent from Samaritan Hebrew and Syriac.

What evidence is there from other transcriptions or pointing traditions to prove my hypothesis wrong?  i.e. to prove that the Patach furtivum is not a Tiberian invention brought about by their persnickety/pedantic reckoning?

Garth Grenache,

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